Naturopathy and Medicine
Traditional Chinese / Acupuncture

The understanding of the fundamental laws of the functioning of the human body and its interaction with environment and the cycles of nature. Treatment of diseases and maintenance of health through various methods.


Sérgio Caroço is a specialist in Naturopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine / Acupuncture.

He began his Clinical Practice in 2007 after completing his Bachelor’s degree at Westminster University (Integrated Health School) where he acquired the Honors Degree in TCM / Acupuncture.
In addition to the Acupuncture Degree, she started her studies in Naturopathy (ND) in 1996 where she deepened several areas over the years between Food Hygiene, Supplements and Herbal Medicine.
At this time in his clinical practice he uses Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, advises on Food , Supplements and Herbal Medicine.

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Acupuncture is a traditional medicine from China, which involves the insertion of very fine needles into key points in the human body.


A Naturopath is a Non-Conventional Therapist who prescribes and applies natural therapies. The set of therapies is much more than fasting, food hygiene, hydrotherapy and exercise.

Chi kung

Chi kung literally means the art of cultivating vital energy, this would be the most appropriate translation.

Vegan Cooking Classes

Vegan cooking classes based on traditional Chinese medicine, every month, with various subjects, if you are interested please contact us to know more information.

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